Our history

the growth of a small company that has become one of the largest organic product distribution companies in Europe.

  • 2004Hawo Fruits Spain begins its activity

    It was founded by Chantal Hanzi Debat with the aim of supplying the Swiss market with quality Spanish products.

    The beginnings were very modest, with a store on Tivissa street in Hospitalet del Infante and acting exclusively as a marketer, buying and selling the product according to order and sending it directly from the supplier to the customer.

  • 2008New partner and business growth

    Eduard Borràs Pujadas joined as a partner and in anticipation of an increase in sales a change of premises was made, we settled in an industrial warehouse of 300 square meters in the Gimbernat street of the Las Tapies industrial park of the same Hospitalet del Infante.

    We started investing in fixed assets, and that’s where we started product handling, gained a lot of experience in the sector and became more knowledgeable about the foreign market.

  • 2011Growth of the business

    The company continues to grow, we are forced to move to a warehouse of 1,000 square meters in Rivera Sans street of the same industrial park.
  • 2014Own production

    Due to our desire to expand, to have local products and to produce in Catalonia, in 2014 our own production started. Acquiring crop fields in the terms of Mont-roig del camp and Montbrió.

    All the products planted respond positively to the crop fields of the region, giving a good production both in quantity and quality.

  • 2015We launched the Ecoverd brand

    The Ecoverd brand was created to meet the needs of both national and international customers who need a corporate image that reflects ecological values ​​and is commercially attractive.
  • 2016We launched the Hawo brand and established our headquarters

    The Hawo brand, like Ecoverd, was created to meet the needs of customers who need a corporate image that reflects ecological values.

    We invest in a new facility with an area of 6,000 square meters for our logistics center and offices, where our headquarters is currently located.

  • 2017We opened the first Ecoverd store

    After thirteen years dedicated to the production and marketing of organic products, the founder of Hawo Fruits Spain, Chantal Hanzi, opens the first store in L'Hospitalet de l'Infant.
  • 2019We opened the second Ecoverd store

    We open our second Ecoverd store within the commercial axis of Reus, establishing our brand in the market, offering fruits and vegetables of own production and local products.