Quality certificates

Our products come from certified organic farming "European regulation and criteria of growers' associations".


The Catalan organic certification ensures that the products have been produced or processed in accordance with the rules of organic farming, and that they have been controlled throughout their production, processing, packaging and marketing process.

EU organic farming

The certification confirms that they meet strict production, processing, transport and storage conditions. The logo can only be used in certified products such as organic products by an authorized control body.


Strict and complete verification of the process ensures that the production and processing of the products are adhered to, from production to field, through all processing processes, to packaging of the final product.

Bio Suisse

Organic certification for agricultural products and wildlife under BioSuisse rules for the Swiss market. It is necessary for customers who wish to export their organic production to Switzerland, even if they have certificates from other countries.


International Association for Organic Agriculture and Social Production. The members form a great community from the fields of agriculture, aquaculture and fisheries, beekeeping to logging, working together with collaborators from the processing, trade and gastronomy sectors.


It is a guarantee that the product meets the established standards of quality, safety and that they have been prepared in accordance with sustainability criteria, respecting the hygiene and safety of workers, the environment and taking account of respect for animals.


It is an available and voluntary module, designed to evaluate social practices. It consists of 11 requirements plus an additional SGC, which address specific issues relating to workers' health, safety and welfare. GRASP has been designed to deepen the social aspects of GLOBALG.A.P certification.

IFS Broker

This rule verifies stakeholders, to ensure that appropriate measures have been implemented in the service offered, and that suppliers operate in accordance with product quality and safety requirements.

IFS Food

Food safety legislation recognized by the Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI) to audit food-producing companies or bulk food-packing companies. It focuses on the food safety and quality of processed products.